Finding the right luxury interior designer can feel overwhelming at times. With one being such an important part of creating the indoor environment of your dreams, it’s critical to get the selection right. How can you ensure that your interior designer is on the same page as you? Just like a job interview, it’s crucial to know pertinent information about the individual you’ll be working with and how they can help you. The first step of that process is knowing the right questions to ask to help you discover if your vision matches their design capabilities.

What Drives Your Passion for Interior Design?

If you’re hiring an interior designer, ask them what drives their passion for what they’re doing. There’s a difference between working with a designer that’s good at what they do and one that cares about what they do. 

For example, interior designer Maite Granda found her design style through her life endeavors, from her move to Madrid at a young age to her integration into Spanish culture. By asking this question, you can find the inspiration behind Maite or other designers’ creations and help your vision align with their process.

What Have You Learned From Mistakes Made on Previous Projects?

No interior designer has always been perfect; mistakes are a part of the process. Asking how they navigated their mistakes — and how they applied what they learned to their work now — is one of the most important questions to ask a luxury interior designer. Plenty of steps go into interior design, and you want to minimize the risk of disagreements and misunderstandings while also getting a better sense of your designer’s personality. A good interior designer will incorporate ways to prevent typical disagreements, like showcasing the look of an entire room instead of individual furniture pieces or specifying material types in contracts.

How Would You Describe the Process From First Imagining the Design to Making it a Reality?

Every interior design service consists of more than just an individual; there is a large design team responsible for taking your project from initial consultation to a completed space. To assess whether your interior designer is a good fit, you want to know what the process is for your project. 

How do you go from point A to point B? Who should I consult while waiting for this step to be completed? Getting answers to these sorts of questions gives you an idea of your luxury interior designer’s project management process and skills. This gives you the peace of mind and comfort you need to proceed with the full service.

What Are Some Previous Projects You’ve Worked On Similar to Mine?

Positive testimonials and a strong portfolio are surefire ways to ensure you’re making the right choice, and that especially rings true when discussing luxury interior design. So, asking about previous work — especially projects that are similar to designs you have in mind — is a must! Some clients choose not to post their work online but do permit designers to use their homes as examples for future projects.

Do You Have a Vision or Idea for How You’ll Cultivate My Design?

In a way, this is like asking your luxury interior designer how they can help you. Designers are free-flowing and artistic individuals, and ideas are constantly taking shape in their minds. You shouldn’t expect them to have full-fledged schematics mapped out during your initial meeting, but have a chat over how they envision your design. Come with an open mind, and you can get some great ideas and tips while learning more about your designer’s qualities that matter most. 

Get the Answers You’re Looking for From an Experienced Interior Designer — Maite Granda

Are you ready to fulfill your luxury interior design dreams? You’ll need the guidance of an experienced specialist that can answer any and all questions you may have. Maite Granda has spent years cultivating skills and techniques that equip her with everything necessary to handle even the most intricate designs.

We invite you to explore creations like the Oceana South residence or the Hammer Point Residence at the Keys and start picturing your dream home. For more information, get in touch with us today!